Olivier L. Clément «Martyrdom: Death and Resurrection»

Martyrdom: Death and Resurrection  Martyrdom means witness. But to bear witness to Christ to the point of death is to become one who has risen again. Christian martyrdom is a mystical experience, the first attested in the history of the Church. It is recorded right at the beginning by the example of Stephen the ‘protomartyr’ […]

Olivier L. Clément: ‘The Glory of God Hidden in His Creatures»

From The Roots of Christian Mysticism; first published in English 1993 by New City. Translated by Thedore Berkeley O.C.S.O. The Glory of God Hidden in His Creatures Contemplation begins οnly after the completion of ascetical exercises (praxis), the aim of which is the achievement of interior freedom (apatheia), that is to say, the possibility of […]