1748 – the cave of St. Cosmas Athos

DSCN2542 (Large)

Only the last part of monopati remains, before the climb to the cave startsDSCN2543 (Large)The iron railing makes the climb a bit easier and more saveDSCN2554 (Large)Looking up: the cave lies hidden between the rocksDSCN2544 (Large)The hut of St. Cosmas: peeking behind a door.DSCN2549 (Large)The other side of this room: a cupboard with two nichesDSCN2551 (Large)A burning flame lights the icons in the cupboardDSCN2550 (Large)In the niche: coins and handwritten notes for the SaintDSCN2546 (Large) The caveDSCN2548 (Large) (Large)The view towards SografouDSCN2552 (Large)Time to sit down and contemplate, enjoying the panoramaDSCN2553 (Large)And after that: the descent on the steep steps DSCN2555 (Large)The sign showing the monopati to Sografou: left from the cross the old monopati is stil in situ.DSCN2556 (Large)On the road to Sografou: signs leading st Cosmas cave



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