Επισιτιστικός κίνδυνος για τη Σιέρα Λεόνα, παράλληλα με τον ιό Έμπολα !Sierra Leone is experiencing a food crisis due to the Ebola outbreak says Orthodox missionary in Siera Leone, fr Themi Adamopoulos.

Ο Ορθόδοξος ιεραπόστολος στη Σιέρα Λεόνε επισημαίνει τον επισιτιστικό κίνδυνο για το λαό της Σιέρα Λεόνε, παράλληλα με τον ιό Έμπολα. Όσοι μπορούν, ας βοηθήσουν τον δοκιμαζόμενο λαό της Σιέρα Λεόνε και τους ορθόδοξους αδελφούς μας, κατοίκους της Σιέρα Λεόνε.

Christ be with you.


I wish to reach out to you once again and bring to your attention that Sierra Leone is experiencing a food crisis due to the Ebola outbreak. Namely, prices of staple food items are going up dramatically. This is hitting the ordinary citizen and the poor very hard.

The price of rice has nearly doubled; Cassava has increased in price by tenfold, pepper, oil etc. are becoming more expensive to buy. If this pattern continues we are going to face a humanitarian food crisis for the average citizen and the poor of this region.

I am therefore pleading for one or two containers of staple West African food supplies (rice, oil, salt, sugar, tomato sauce etc) to be sent as quickly as possible.

This supply will not be used for our Mission only and the people we serve but some will also be allocated to the State for general distribution. We are working closely with the Ministry of Social Welfare.

If you can help please visit http://paradise4kids.org/how-to-donate/

I thank you in advance for your rapid response and apologise for any inconvenience.

With gratitude in Christ

+Rev Themi Adamopoulo


Louis Toumbas Hi Friends of Rev Themi

I just got off the phone with Fr Themi Adamopoulo, things are extremely bad, and he sees it getting worse.

The President of SL President Ernest Bai Koroma, has agreed to wave all government charges for any containers sent by P4K.

I have also just finished with a Fr Anastasio from Thessaloniki, who is sending a 40 ft container of FOOD to Fr Themi on the 19th of this month (October 2014).

I have asked for him to prepare another container for P4K so that Fr Themi will get 2 containers of food.

Half of each container will be distributed by Fr Themi and the other half will be distributed to the SL Government agencies for the EBOLA victims and their families.

The cost will be 15,000 euros……I will use funds from our fundraising account but we will need to replace it as it represent over 3 months of the mission budget.

If you can help please use the paypal links at


EVIL EBOLA by Fr Themis personal assistant King David Kargbo

This deadly disease invaded our country sometimes in April 2014 from Guinea; Conakry via Liberia and spilled over to our poor and decade long war ravaged country Sierra Leone.

Ah! EBOLA if you where a human, you must have heard the loud cries of Sierra Leoneans from around the world for the fact that you have crippled our economy in all facet of life ranging from the health sector which is the most ruined, educational sector which you have derailed from progressing, agriculture, defense etc.

The WHO, MSF, our Ministry of Health and other international health organizations have signal a red alert on the crisis that have already claimed the lives of a little over 3000 people in the region. This amount is made up of deaths including Nigeria and Senegal added to ours meaning Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. We want to thank God for given us kind hearted people like you, that are around with us in this our time of deep grief and agony.

Presently, the normal scheduled for the reopening of schools and colleges have been postponed and even external examinations are cancelled in order to reduce the possibility of person-to-person contact which is referred to as chain of transmission. Recently, for the first time in the history of the world in this 21st century that a whole country is quarantine for 72 hours just to break the chain of transmission so as to reduce the transmission of this EVIL EBOLA.

We are going to be faced with another crisis as perceived after this EBOLA one. Now that schools and colleges are shut down, the girls are very vulnerable and are prone to dangers like early unwanted pregnancies, prostitutions and a wide range of nonessential activities while for the boys, the issue of increasing in crime is always attributed to the boys and all these are presently on the increase.

However, our government is presently fighting this battle against this EVIL EBOLA from all directions by using the medical and security wings of the country but special appreciation has be given to all foreign citizens that are around in person and in spirit and also in kind support to like fight this battle as these people are really bringing encouragement to us.

We are happened to visit the President at his State House office there he specially thanks Father Themi for courage and resilient contribution towards this fight.

Since the inception of this crazy and deadly disease we have been given a public health state of emergency wherein the gathering of people is prohibited. Presently the country is playing a regional football qualification series and our home games are played in other countries instead home and this is all because of others are afraid that they might be infected by the disease. People are stopped not to go to cinemas where we have access to watch international football leagues. The hope for this to go is not certain while we are hopeful, we are still asking the entire world to please put hands on deck in order help fight this out of our country before it dwindle down our population and leave more people to suffer. Also, people are prevented not to even attend normal gathering like marriages and funeral services.

Rumors are around that we might have to for another seven days of shut down for a house-to-house exercise again. Though there are other matters that are presently rising for this EBOLA thing is hypertension and heart diseases. When once someone is been infected there is little chance of survival and if you passed away there are rumors of improper burials so these have mounted concerns of people. The most of all people are advised to call a free toll line if they have sick person at their homes and this has been a very difficult task for people to undertake because they are afraid that if their loved ones are sick, they are likely not to see them anymore if for sure they have been infected by the disease because if they died, they are going to be bury by government almost in pauper. This is a very difficult moment for us here but thank God for you people.
May the good God ease this type of pain that have befallen our poor and peaceful nation. Amen



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